My first day as a Writer

Hi guys,

I’m Elizabeth and I am taking you on a journey with me.  I am going to blog my step-by-step process of writing my first book.  It’s a Young Adult Supernatural story.  I quit school and working to do this so I am sure this will be interesting. 

So, my first task for today was to make myself a schedule so that I’m forcing myself to do stuff and not just sit at home and play on my iPad and watch tv.  I gave myself 30 mins to write this, but most of my time was spent setting this up….

My next task will be promoting my blog on Twitter and Facebook and then I will be on to doing some research.  I gave myself a pretty light schedule for today to see how it goes.  Tomorrow I will tell you how all that went. 

Are there any other writers out there reading this?  If so, what was your first day like?

I just got off the phone with my cousin to figure out how to post this blog so here goes…


About ecdutton

Writer who will blog her step-by-step process in writing her first book. Follow my blog if you want to join me in my journey. I quit my job and studies to do this, so this should be interesting.
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1 Response to My first day as a Writer

  1. Merced Davis says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Congratulations on making such a major decision. I wish I was as organized as you seem to be. My first day writing my first novel was a shot in the dark adventure with a good friend. I immediately became addicted. I love it.
    I wish you luck and happiness on this new great adventure.

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